FAQs for subscribers who receive a notice of alleged copyright infringement

What is the “DMCA”?

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act is a federal law that seeks to balance and protect the rights of owners and users of copyrighted digital material.  To limit potential legal liability when subscribers repeatedly infringe copyrights, internet service providers like Loop have developed a notification policy for all subscribers alleged to have infringed and a suspension and termination policy for subscribers who are repeat infringers.

Why did I receive a notice?

You will receive a notice from Loop every time that Loop receives a notice from a copyright owner informing Loop that an IP (internet protocol) address associated with a Loop subscriber either downloaded, uploaded, or otherwise shared the copyright owner’s material without authorization.  Loop reviews its records and when it finds that the IP address identified by the copyright owner is associated with your account at the time of the infringement, the notice is sent to you specifying the time and date of infringement and the work allegedly infringed.

What should I do if I received this notice?

  • I know why I received this notice. Immediately delete the copyrighted material from all of your computers and electronic devices and, going forward, be sure that you do not download, upload, share or otherwise distribute any illegally obtained copyrighted material or material that you have that you are not permitted to share with others.
  • I don’t know why I received this notice.  Someone else, either inside or outside your home, may have downloaded or shared copyrighted material illegally.  If this is the case, you should:
    • Check all Devices and Delete the Material.  If the identified copyrighted material is on any computer or electronic device using your network and/or any website within your control or from any peer-to-peer file sharing program, delete it, determine how it got there and make sure it won’t happen again by informing all users of your network of the content of the notice.
    • Secure your Wireless Network.  If you access the internet through a wireless router that is not secure, i.e. not encrypted, not password protected, or its use is not limited to known and authorized computers and users, immediately secure your wireless network.  If already secure change your password (see our guidelines on establishing secure passwords). Otherwise unauthorized users may continue to access the internet through your network, repeatedly infringe copyrights, and perform other illegal acts, which will result in a suspension and then termination of your service.

What will happen to me?

Unless otherwise stated in the notification, Loop will take no further action if you followed the steps above and Loop receives no further notices from copyright owners under the DMCA.  Failure to comply with Loop’s Acceptable Use Policy and receipt of further notices will lead to suspension and then termination of your service.